Recommend a Friend

Have you fallen in love with PureHA? If so, then why not share your secret with your friends and let them experience the results of PureHA for themselves. For every one of your friends that buys PureHA on your recommendation, you will get a voucher code to claim 50% off* your next order.

Simply fill in their details in the referral form below and we will do the rest. They will receive an email saying you have recommended PureHA to them and they will receive a 25% discount to use against their first purchase. Once they have ordered we will let you know and you will get your 50% discount code to use on your next shop, that’s it, simple and everyone is a winner. You can invite as many friends as you like and all they have to do is purchase PureHA for you both to benefit. So why not spread the word today. Happy Shopping.

*This offer is available to existing online customers only. Important: Maximum order of 3 cartons of PureHA per order, when used in conjunction with the ‘Recommend a Friend’ offer. Offer can’t be used with any other PureHA discount codes.