PUREHA | SAVE 15% | 6 boxes for couples

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The Elixir of Youth in Every Drop

PureHA is your daily beauty ritual, a powerhouse of vitality that revitalizes your inner glow and serves as a formidable shield against free radical-induced cellular damage—a leading contributor to the aging process. The key to its magic lies in our non-animal pure hyaluronic acid of correct molecular weight.

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Taken daily for at least 4 weeks, Pure HA can help to:

+ bring back natural glow and brightness

+ improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

+ boost skin tone, clarity, laxity and firmness

+ support collagen formation for healthy hair and nails

+ reduce joint pain and improve lubrication

What is Pure HA?

PureHA is a daily liquid supplement formulated to support your skin from within. It is designed to help bring back natural inner glow and form a strong line of defence in slowing down free radical induced cellular damage, which is a major part of ageing. The Hyaluronic Acid within PureHA has been shown in clinical trial to benefit skin, eyes and joints, if taken daily for 8 weeks.

Each 5ml sachet contains 17mg of pure fermentation-based mid-molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and 12mg (15% RDI)  Vitamin C to naturally top up body’s own supply. Since Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance, it has no known side effect and can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle and daily routine. PureHA provides a well-balanced daily dose of active ingredients to ensure efficient absorption while avoiding empty overconsumption, when the supplement passes through the body without having any effect.


Your path to radiant transformation is conveniently packaged in each 30-sachet box, providing approximately four weeks of continuous, beauty-boosting benefits. It’s a simple addition to your daily routine with profound results.

NOTE: Highly concentrated supplement that has to be diluted in a cold drink of your choice. 


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PUREHA | SAVE 15% | 6 boxes for couples

£168.00 inc. VAT every 3 months