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“When I started taking PureHA I began to see improvements to my skin within two weeks” – DIANE, 60+ years

I have no issue with growing old gracefully but I do try to take care of my skin, even with a routine including serums, moisturisers and high factor SPF daily I felt that surface creams weren’t doing enough and decided to try looking after my skin from the inside. I regularly suffer from dry patches of skin in recent years and laughter lines gradually became a more permanent feature around my eyes where my skin was thinning and crepey.

When I started taking PureHA I began to see improvements to my skin within two weeks. My skin felt comfortable and moisturised from within after cleansing, whereas previously it could feel dry, tight and flaky immediately after using any kind of soap cleanser on my face.

After two months my skin was noticeably plumper and the lines around my eyes visibly reduced, I looked refreshed and the health of my skin seems to have improved hugely.

My daily sachet of PureHA is now a holy grail product in my regime.

“After a month of pureha i got my glow back, my skin looks moisturised and refreshed” – jo, 50+ years

I’ve always been a fan of dietary supplements and there are a number of supplements that I’ve taken for years, but I had only ever taken them for their health benefits.

I’d never thought about taking a supplement as part of my anti-ageing arsenal until I read the science behind PureHA. I was admittedly sceptical at first and didn’t expect to see results but I persevered. 

It was so easy to add the liquid sachets to a glass of water every morning and quickly became habit. The results were subtle at first, my ‘good skin days’ became more frequent and my usual irks started to disappear. I smoke socially and found this could dry my skin out and leave my skin looking tired but after a month of PureHA I got my glow back, my skin looks moisturised and refreshed.

I must be saving a small fortune in makeup because every day is now a good skin day!

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Thank you for such a wonderful product. At 67 years young I am wrinkle free on my face, neck and chest .. WOOOHOOOO

J.L. / Dorset, UK

I have been using Pure HA for several months now and have seen a significant improvement in skin tone and texture. From my experience, this product delivers precisely what it promises. There is a new, tightness to my skin, which is clearly visible. In addition, the service provided by Fulcrum Health is second to none. Ordering is easy, delivery is prompt, and packaging kept to a minimum. Excellent customer service too, which is not to be taken for granted in today’s world. I recommend both Pure HA and Fulcrum Health very highly indeed.

Mrs C. G. / Cheshire, UK

This product is worth its weight in gold!  I’ve suffered from fine brittle hair all my life and have tried product after product for help.  They all left me with no change and more disappointment.  I had given up.  As I aged I became very Interested in anti-aging.  I’ve Always been a follower of healing from within and I’ve tried everything.  From medical grade topical products sold by physicians to over the counter products, supplements, facials, peels you name it and I’ve spent thousands trying to find the fountain of youth.

This one product changed everything! My search was over!

My hairdresser (of 15 years) even asked me what I’ve been doing because my hair was thicker and the healthiest it’s ever been and  changing from the root down! 

Ms K. C. / Texas, USA

Pure HA has proved beneficial over time.

 It does not work straight away but needs to build up effectiveness over several weeks.

 An improvement of skin tones was noticeable and this has continued.

 Overall the product gives a satisfactory effect, given that the Pure HA needs to be taken for a little time in order to derive an acceptable outcome.

 I would recommend this product.

Ms R. M. / Solihull, UK

Eat healthy, drink healthily🥤 … and add the best skin supplement…



… It’s made my skin beautiful! 🙏🏼💖✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

Ms M. A. / Potters Bar, UK

Although I have been using pureha for only five weeks I can definitely see an improvement in the way my skin looks and feels. I am sure there is an improvement concerning dark spots on my face, which have been appearing over a few years. I also notice a general improvement all over, softer skin, not so dry skin and a fresher look.

I would recommend this product!!

Ms A. B. / Ross-on-Wye, UK

I have been using Pure HA for several months now and find that my skin is more hydrated, plumped up and it glows, I have had numerous comments on how well and young I look for my age.   

Ms M. S. / Dublin, IRL

I haven’t been using Pure HA for very long so maybe you should ask me again in a few months!  At the moment I can say this:  I’ve been using Pure HA for three months and to be honest I haven’t noticed any difference myself but have had people tell me in the past month that I’m looking younger – it must be working!

Ms E. S. / Cheltenham, UK

I started using Pure HA because I have seriously dry flaky skin which has to be moisturised daily everywhere.  Since taking Pure HA my skin has become much smoother, and softer, much more comfortable and far less susceptible to everyday bruises.

Mrs B. N. / West Sussex, UK
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